_mg_3384Dentures & oral discomfort often gets the best of denture wearers. We evaluate, diagnose, treat and perform denture adjustments for patients who chronically suffer from jaw and mouth aching, pain or sores. There are many variations, degrees and durations of mouth and jaw pain. We focus on getting to the cause of the suffering. Inflammation, aching and swelling can stem from numerous sources; ill-fitting dentures, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), (TMD), neural-mandibular disorders, macro and micro trauma and more. Relief for sufferers of papillary hyperplasia, denture stomatitis, canker sores and other denture related problems is also treated by our doctors.

Solutions for Painful Mouth Disorders

Dr. Khalife, D.D.S., a licensed dentist, not only graduated from dental school, but has undergone an additional three year university residency with a primary focus in oral trauma. Denture wearers who have been suffering, need to know that there are denture solutions that will enable them to enjoy chewing their favorite foods, with comfort and security.

Whether you are suffering from mouth or jaw aching/pain, infections, sores or inflamed gums, we are here to give you a thorough evaluation so that we can effectively give you relief. You will always find warmth and concern from our staff along with the willingness to listen carefully to your needs. We invite you to visit us for a free comprehensive evaluation. Pain and discomfort, will surely be a thing of the past.